Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Perfect Day for a Garden Tour!

April 15th was a glorious day here in Western Washington, so Hubby and I drove northward to Federal Way, where we spent a sunny afternoon walking among the many woodland wonders of the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden.

Lots of photos after the break!
(Please forgive the awkward exposures of many of these shots. It was a very sunny day and I was using my camera-phone.)

First we took in the tropical plants growing in the Conservatory...

Then we proceeded to take the Self-Guided Tour suggested by the map...only we got turned around and ended up doing it backwards.

We found our way to the Stumpery...

And on to the Pond Garden...

Then back up the hill toward the Blue Poppy Meadow, where we saw the first Blue Poppy of Spring!

By this time it was getting late, so we skipped the Big-leaf Rhododendron Garden and headed back toward the entrance...

Where we took a peek at the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection before leaving for the day...

Then we went home and filed our taxes at the last minute.
Happy End of Tax Season! Here's wishing you big returns!


  1. LOVE the blue poppy! What a beautiful day to be wandering a gardens...or gardens.

    1. They host an annual art show called Blue Poppy Day in May when the blue poppies (Meconopsis) are in full bloom.