Sunday, January 26, 2014

Reading is Good

Love books. Books are good. Reading is good.

We built a reading nook into our living room for doing just that. It has a bookcase and a comfortable armchair and a carefully positioned wall sconce for the best light to read by. There's a basket for magazines and catalogs and there's a handy side table with a big removable tray top for tea and biscuits and pencils and Post-it notes. There's also a clock on top of the bookcase, but it's hidden behind a big stack of gardening books. You don't want to see what time it is. You want to focus on your book learning—or your interwebs learning! Hubby even installed an electrical outlet with laptops in mind. Hubby learned his electrics from a book. Now he knows how to do stuff with the magic lightning in the walls.

Obviously, big knowledges come from books, so I have been building a collection of books on plants and gardens and landscaping in an effort to absorb aaaaall the big knowledges of gardening. Then I will become green-thumbed genius. Yesss!

I also like looking at the pictures.