Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So Much to Look Forward to

Since I'm feeling THANKFUL for autumn
weather and things to look forward to,
here's a picture of one of my new orchids ...
with flowers that look like TURKEYS.
This summer was a big, hot, disappointing mess. It was consistently too hot to work outside in my completely exposed yard, so I got discouraged and let things slide. Now I've got a bunch of crispy, dried up nursery plants and a big, do-it-yourself hardscaping project that I'm desperate to finish before Halloween. I don't have much to show for my efforts this year, but the lessons are staying with me. That shit's priceless. Fortunately, I also have plenty of garden-related events to look forward to. Soon there will be a new issue of Garden Gate in my mailbox. Then there's the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in February. My Japanese pieris shrubs will be in bloom in March and I now have dozens of spring bulbs that will be blooming in April. Knowing that I have these things to look forward to helps keep my spirits up when things aren't going well. Also, I'm not dead just yet. So, now that the weather has turned decidedly toward coolness and rain, there's a good chance I'll get that hardscaping project done after all!

Wish me luck!